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Daisy Reversi

5 cows at tucows.com
The highest rating at Tucows, 4/8/2005

5 Stars ZDNet Editors' Pick
"Daisy Reversi is an excellent computer version of the board game Othello or Reversi..."
ZDNet Software Library, 1/6/1999

5 Stars Shareware Junkies Award
"...this is a pretty nice version of Reversi..."
5 Stars Super Shareware Award
Rated 5 stars
at Super Shareware

Program of the week
Program of the week
at STUFFALL Shareware Freeware Archive (1999)

5 Stars File Transit Award

5 Points Award
5 Cups Award
5 Stars Award

New in the Daisy Reversi

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New in the version 3.1

  • Ability to select one of several piece shapes and piece surfaces.
  • Game board color scheme icons in the preferences window.
  • Ability to set random colors of game board and pieces.
  • Special selection of complexity level before the first program start.
  • More realistic game board with shadow.
  • Some interface enhancement.

New in the version 3.0

  • Ability to undo/redo moves.
  • Ability to save/load game positions along with move history and timer values.
  • Autosaving unfinished position on exit.
  • Preview move result before making the move.
  • Constructor mode. You can compose any game position (place opponents’ pieces to any game board cells) and continue the game starting from this position.
  • Timers for recording thinking time of both players.
  • Initial positions in compliance with different game variations (including constructed initial positions).
  • Enhanced more realistic appearance.
  • New color schemes.

New in the version 2.6

  • Additional easy complexity levels.
  • Enhanced lightning effects.
  • Statistics of your winnings and losses (general and by levels).
  • Ability to print current game history.
  • Last computer move marker.
  • Smooth game board resizing (without flashing).
  • More completed help system.

New in the version 2.5

  • Improved logic. The program plays noticeably stronger on high complexity levels.
  • Automatic complexity level changing.
  • Improved graphics (smoothed edges of pieces and score bars).
  • Game field schemes (like the Windows desktop schemes).
  • Large or small toolbar buttons.
  • Redesigned help system.
  • Other slight interface enhancements.

New in the version 2.4

  • Three-dimensional look of the game field and the score diagram with lighting effects
  • More complete information about the current game in the Game move history box

New in the version 2.1

  • Acceptance of the standard Reversi notation (with A1 cell on the top left)
  • Optional cell marks on the game field frame

New in the version 2.0

  • On-line help
  • Install/uninstall facilities
  • Changes in the logic:
    • Significant strengthening of the game logic on higher complexity levels
    • Very significant reduction of the contemplation time for the computer
    • Additional first easiest complexity level
    • Additional higher very strong complexity levels
    • Selecting one of the two possible initial positions
  • Changes in the interface:
    • Score and History panels
    • Automatic representation of all possible moves
    • Tuning of the sound accompaniment
    • Possibility to enter moves with the keyboard
  • Many other minor changes

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