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Daisy Reversi

5 cows at tucows.com
The highest rating at Tucows, 4/8/2005

5 Stars ZDNet Editors' Pick
"Daisy Reversi is an excellent computer version of the board game Othello or Reversi..."
ZDNet Software Library, 1/6/1999

5 Stars Shareware Junkies Award
"...this is a pretty nice version of Reversi..."
5 Stars Super Shareware Award
Rated 5 stars
at Super Shareware

Program of the week
Program of the week
at STUFFALL Shareware Freeware Archive (1999)

5 Stars File Transit Award

5 Points Award
5 Cups Award
5 Stars Award

Daisy Reversi 3.1 Screen Shots

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This is a typical view of the Daisy Reversi 3.1 (take into consideration that quality of these pictures is lower then original screen shots quality due to Internet file size reduction):

The Daisy Reversi typical view

You can customize the game board and the pieces colors, turn on and off different panels and automatically mark all possible moves (with small dot markers). Here is a screen shot without possible move markers, without default panels, with small toolbar buttons:

Screen shot without possible move markers

The Daisy Reversi also allows you to change the game field size up to 24x24 cells:

Screen shot with 12x12 cells game board

The Daisy Reversi constructor mode allows you to compose any real or unreal game position:

Constructor mode. Shot1  Constructor mode. Shot2 

You have rich capabilities to customize colors, sounds, view, and logic of the game:

Game field options  Logic options 

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